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Naked NutritionistRD | Undressing the Truth about Food, Diets, Recipes & Health

Welcome to my World, Food!

published by : Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, LMHC, FAND  October, 24 2017


I am taking the plunge into the blog world to share everything I know about food, diets, culinary & health-facts, fiction, grocery & restaurant options, supplements & performance for sport & life.

NakedNutritionistRD will give you a taste of my best recipes; strategies for dealing with and healing from life's daily stresses; and the tools you need to attain and maintain optimal performance with food, dieting and your life.

Complete transparency, no agendas, no holding back what I believe & know to be truth about food & dieting and leave the rest to YOU!

My background as an award winning Integrative Sports & Performance Nutritionist, Psychotherapist, Culinary Expert & soon to be Chef; former professional athlete, mom to 3 children, wife for 35 years & survivor of a near fatal car accident and natural disaster has armed me with undeniable first-hand knowledge, personal and professional experience to propel me to become an internationally sort after speaker, 8x book author, private & corporate consultant and entrepreneur.

My wildly popular Performance Nutrition© programs have helped athletes earn the Olympic Gold; Resorts & Spas create delicious, nutritious dishes; personal clients reach optimal health, weight & physique for all stages of life.

I looked forward to taking this journey with you. When you have feedback, please let me know. I am here for you to guide you to the best food, fitness and health decisions.

And in complete disclosure, should I receive any money as a paid spokesperson, or receive samples, meals or invitations from the company or restaurant that I am reviewing, I will let you KNOW.

Cheers to learning how to attain your personal best in health, sport & life,



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The Naked NutritionistRD | Undressing the Truth about Food, Diets, Recipes & Health


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